"I don’t know if there are enough adjectives to describe how wonderful Kate is. She’s extremely flexible and her ideas and style are absolutely onderful. If all of my vendors had been as easy to work with as Kate it would have been a cake walk!"

( Diana G. )

"The flowers were more than I imagined and SO beautiful! When I saw everything, I was literally jumping up and down with excitement. You were the BEST to work with and I always felt you understood and cared about my vision for our wedding.."

(Jenna B.)

"It was like you looked into Jessi’s head and saw exactly what she saw.I would have loved to see her expression when you walked in with her bouquet. I heard she cried!! You are a truly talented person and you could totally tell it in your presentation. Thank you for making Jessi and Adam’s day so so special. You are the best, ever!"

( Micki, mother of Bride )

"The work you did, all the flowers, arrangements…were absolutely breathtaking.Seriously, I could not even believe it when I walked through that door. Those colors and all the blooms (and dahlias galore!), I mean I literally almost FELL OVER! I cannot thank you enough."

( Alicia S. )

"Kate, working with you throughout this entire process has been an absolute joy. You have a bright, warm personality and loads of talent THANK YOU!!"

( Annie M. )

Kate is truly an angel disguised as a floral designer. In this little, petite being is an explosion of brilliant talent, kindness, and skill….

( Peilin B. )